Mansion Area Advisory Committee 

The Mansion Area Advisory Committee (MAAC) provides citizen advice and feedback to the Commission on all matters relating to the ongoing revitalization of the Mansion Area.  The MAAC strives to :

  • Maintain the residential character of the Mansion Area 
  • Preserve and beautify existing historic structures in the Mansion Area 
  • Reduce and/or eliminate land uses incompatible with and obtrusive to the residential character of the Mansion Area 
  • Report observations of the Commission's effectiveness in the Mansion Area and potential violations 
  • Promote new development appropriate to the Mansion Area 
  • Suggest new programs or projects in the Mansion Area 

The MAAC is comprised of up to 27 members who either reside or own property in the Mansion Area.  Up to three additional at-large members may also serve on the MAAC.  Current committee members are: 

Dana Landrum, Chair

Danny Lewis, Vice-Chair 

Brenda Barber

Julie Cabe

Wanda Colclough

Cecil Ennett, (at-large), executive committee

John Hardy

Carl Hebert

Ted Holder

TB Isby

Frank James

Amber Jones, executive committee

Muriel Lederman

Laura Marratt, executive committee

Sharon Melvin

Fred Oswald

Andre Pendleton

Laura Sergeant

Jim Wierdsma

Carrie Young

Karol Zoeller (at-large)