Capitol Zoning Distrct Commission

Seven of the nine members of the Commission, including the chair, are appointed by the Governor. The other two are named by the Secretary of State and City of Little Rock's Director of Planning and Development.  Most of the Commission members live or work in the District.  Current Commission members are:

 Carol Worley, Chair
Governor’s Designee

 Albert Hurst, at-large
 Term ends 5/1/2019 

 Tommy Jameson, at-large
Term ends 5/1/2019 

 Beverly Hood Jones, at-large
Term Ends 8/13/2020

 A.J. Kelly
Secretary of State’s Designee
 Brian Minyard
Little Rock Planning Director's Designee

Julie Mullenix, at-large

Term Ends 5/1/2019

James Smith, at large

Term Ends 8/13/2020

Cassandra Toro, at-large
Term ends 5/1/2019